Book Grocer

Since 2000, the Australian family-owned business, Book Grocer have been selling a wide range of discounted remainder and secondhand books. Book Grocer has opened up a total of 20 stores across Australia. Their specialty is sourcing discounted books of amazing quality and passing on to their customers the best possible price.
Book Grocer like to be known as the business that sells discounted books yet feels and looks like a retail bookstore.

This is also my final entry to the UpLabs bookstore challenge. Their brief being to create an app or a website design for a bookstore. I've decided on Book Grocer as they are a local business to me, having two stores in my area, and the fact that their website could use a bit of improving, instead in the form of an app.

UI/UX, Mobile App Design

Mind Mapping

The mind map serves for engaging with the app and understanding the requirements. Capturing ideas and answers in the map is a great way to ensure common understanding of the correct interaction of elements.

(click the map to view in larger resolution)

Th Book Grocer Mind Map

Features for the Mobile App

My ultimate goal was to create something fresh from their website, something user friendly and would have an appeal to people of both genders and all ages. Something easily navigable, and to make it possible to search for a book and purchase that book in just a few taps.

Improved Navigation

While Book Grocer's current website has books instantly appearing on their landing page, there were many near-repeat pages and pages containing little to no information. I've opted for a side menu on the app with only the key titles inside now. I've also implemented icons next to the titles in the primary colour to allow for easier use for people who may not read well.

Store Locator

Onboarding Screens

Upon successfully signing in or signing up for Book Grocer the first time, the user will be directed to a store finder page. The store finder page was designed to show different stock levels for each of their different stores across Australia.

Here the user will have to input their state and city, upon entering this information they will have options to choose from the stores closest to them. If the user wishes to, they may choose to skip this step and enter this information in again later on the account page.

One thing I noticed during the research stage of the project, there was very little information about their business and what they do. The information that was available was spread over different pages. I gathered the key information about their business and what they can do for people and put it over the initial four onboarding screens.

In-App Reading

Made available to selected books with a PDF or online version, the user can have the option to begin reading their book within the app. Along with the in-app reading, there are many settings available, the option to change between light and dark themes, changing the font size and font type, as well as the brightness and device rotation.

Onboarding Screens

An onboarding experience is a way to introduce users to Book Grocer and what their business is about.

Sign In/Register Screens

Home, Side Menu & Account Screens

Search, Result & Filter Screens

Reading, Reading Theme & Settings Screens