Vans Electric Garden

Logo Design, UI/UX, Mobile App Design

Vans are having a launch party/festival called Electric Garden for their new summer product range of clothing, shoes, accessories and streetwear products.

At this event, a number of bands, live acts and DJs will be playing. There will be live music (local and international), skate competitions, demos, product giveaways, celebrity meet and greets, signings, Instagramming, mobile bars, cocktails, craft beers, and food trucks.

My Role

Vans have requested I design a logo first for the event, and more importantly, a smartphone app prototype for patrons who intend on going to the event.

I started by mood boarding their brand, audience, and listing possible or already existing competitors.

User Persona

User Persona UX

We were asked to create a user persona and user experience for someone using the Vans Electric Garden app.

Being a new festival for a large company, I've gone with a young male adult.

Below you can see more information about the user persona.

Justin Smyth

Bartender & Freetime Creative







Islington, NSW

Art at University



My Brands

- Vans

- Nike

- Hollister

- Urban Outfitters

- Ray Ban

- Calvin Klein


- Work & University

- Money

Favourite Things

- Music

- Art

- Skating

Rough App Layout

These were early stages of developing the app, and many of the listed features were removed, and new ones put in instead.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Key App Features

In App E-Ticket

You can access your purchased ticket(s) through the app and gain entry by presenting the ticket from the app.


The apps timetable can be viewed on a daily setting or weekly setting. Filter settings can be set to a particular stage and certain times throughout the day. (as little as half hour increments)

Friend Add and Live Tracker

We all know the struggles of losing friends at festivals. There is an option to share locations with friends you have added in the app. Both parties must confirm before the live tracking can begin functioning.

Transport Hub

Available on the home page, people using the app can access the transport hub to see information on public transport. Users can view times certain transport arrives and how to get to that location from the festival.

Style Guide


#313131, #414042

Primary Colour


High Fidelity Wireframes

After the low fidelity wireframes and the apps functionality was tested, I added and removed certain features. I then decided on a final style guide and went ahead with the final interface designs of the Electric Garden app.

— 02


— 01


— 04

Side Menu

— 03

Home Page

— 06

Food & Drink

— 05


— 08


— 07


— 10


— 09


Electric Garden App Mockup
Electric Garden App Mockup 2